It may strike some as incredible that so many reviews of Solomon Admissions Consulting are overall positive. However, that should not be surprising. They’re record speaks for itself. Students obviously seem to love the experience of working with them, mostly because they make a difference and get results. Those results are obvious, too. Those who check out the Solomon Admissions Consulting website will discover numerous admissions letters from students who used their services.

The counselors at Solomon Admissions Consulting are all former college admissions officials themselves, so the reviews make sense. According to a review from the parent of a student who was just a freshman, but who was highly motivated to attend medical school, his Solomon Admissions Consulting advisor directed him to “the combined 8-year direct admit BA/MD programs straight out of high school,” and then followed up with advice on recommendation letters and course selection. That is, after all, what Solomon Admissions Consulting is all about. Their goal is to make a difference and bring about the best result.