One aspect of the experience students feel while working with Solomon Admissions Consulting that makes them unique has to be their ability to make sure every aspect of the application process is easier and more successful than it otherwise would be. That includes making sure student essays, teacher recommendation letters, activity sheets, addenda, and even interviews all support the positioning strategy determined best for the school to which the student is applying.

The team of professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting are different from most. Not only are they former admissions counselors, but they also work from the realization that every student is an individual. That is why they will always do everything possible to make sure each applicant’s individuality is emphasized over everything else. Applicants must stand out from other individual applicants, and they must have an idea what each university is looking for from every applicant. The pros at Solomon Admissions Consulting help students craft every element of their admissions package in a way that gives them the greatest chance of success.

It seems to work, given that Solomon Admissions Consulting reviews are almost uniformly appreciative of their work. For example, a Chinese student who had no concept of the admissions process at American colleges noted in his review that his advisor, “was very helpful in helping me understand and then draft the ‘brag sheet’ in order to demonstrate my extracurricular activities and hobbies.” He also expressed appreciation that his consultant was a corporate lawyer capable to offer more specific career advice to the prospective law student.